Electronic Repairs & Analysis

The high quality engineering of your BMW requires the right tools, for a comprehensive analysis of all electronic systems and components. Being a BMW only specialist, BMWise’ qualified technicians have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose any electrical faults in your vehicle.

To maintain your driving experience, engine diagnostics determine what corrections are required in your engine and electrical components. This highlights inefficiencies in your vehicles system and allows our technicians to correct these faults, to keep your engine running smoothly.

What’s involved?

  • Computerised diagnostics (covers spark plugs to oxygen sensors and fuel injector systems)
  • Check of vehicle’s computer fault codes
  • Electronic component and control unit repairs
  • Comprehensive electrical system service
  • A detailed vehicle inspection report

Useful Information

  • Electronic component & control unit repairs
  • Computerised Diagnostics
  • Electrical System Service

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