Intelligent & Comprehensive BMW service.

Not every driver takes the same road; therefore each vehicle's service requirements are unique. The high quality engineering of your BMW deserves attention from truly qualified experts. Established in 2003, BMWise has a reputation for unrivalled knowledge when it comes to BMW parts & service.

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BMW Servicing

Complete and comprehensive logbook servicing by BMWise offers dealership level tools and highly experienced technicians. Our services do not void your BMWs warranty due to our diagnostic tools and processes that meet all warranty requirements. New and old, we service all BMWs and take into consideration driving conditions for a truly tailored service.

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Mechanical Repairs

BMW trained technicians coupled with state-of-the-art equipment ensure that your vehicle receives the attention it deserves. Each vehicle is put under different driving conditions and when problems occur a tailored approach is needed for effective repairs and preventive maintenance.

All our work is guaranteed and all replacement parts and fluids are OEM.

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Electronic Repairs & Analysis

BMWs have one of the most complex electronic systems in the car industry and require specific diagnostic tools and highly qualified experts. Since we are a BMW only specialist, we focus only on the BMW system and have all the required tools to diagnose and repair electrical faults. Electronic modules play a bigger part in BMW engines and require the right sort of technicians to maintain your driving experience.

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