BMW Servicing

We believe that each vehicle’s service requirements are unique; that is why we tailor our services to how you use your BMW.

Our services are performed to cover all warranty requirements as outlined by your service manual and beyond. This means a fully documented no quick fix approach, that doesn’t void your warranty. If you have an older model BMW, we are more than well equipped to cater to their shorter service intervals and common problems, which come with age and generation of the car.

The BMWise workshop is equipped with dealership level tools. This means we have all the diagnostic equipment you would find at a BMW dealership workshop. Factory-scheduled services have never been easier and are done professionally and by the book. This is why we can afford to provide high quality services that don’t void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Condition-based Servicing (CBS)

Later model BMWs offer a CBS system, which monitors maintenance items and notifies the driver when a service is due for the particular item(s). The CBS system utilises sensors, driving conditions and time to determine service intervals for your vehicle.

The CBS can be viewed on the dashboard of your vehicle, showing nine symbols and indicating normal conditions in amber, yellow for service due and red for overdue service.

At BMWise we guarantee that only OEM parts and approved fluids specified by BMW are used in the servicing of your vehicle. This ensures that your car only uses actual BMW parts and follows the stringent OEM guidelines when serviced.

Useful Information

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
  • Transmission Services
  • Expert Brake Services
  • Electrical System Services
  • Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems
  • Steering and Suspension

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